Waiting on the world to change

Some people may think I’m crazy for waiting, or for think that we’re going to get married one day. Sometimes I even think I’m crazy. But Heavenly Father has told us so many times that we are meant to be together. And every time I think about you and our future I feel the spirit so strongly it’s overwhelming, and it just reassures me even more that we’re going to be together forever


Here’s a little change in poetry.

Have you ever really thought about life, and your role here on earth? Like the things you see, the things you do, and why they all happen? Or how god has you plan for you? 


The other day I was shopping at Maurice’s, my favorite store these days, and I saw this little girl, she was probably the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen in my life, and just seeing her, just for that brief moment, made my realize how much I want children, and how I cant wait to be older and to start my own family. I’m far far too young to do it now. 


I was thinking about that moment, and what it had done to me, just that little interaction. And I started to wonder, Do you ever think that god has your whole life planned out for you already, that he know every time you’re gonna trip and fall, and all the sins you’re going to commit before he even sends you to Earth? That maybe he has the whole track of your life specific planned for you, and that everything you see, everything you do, every mistake you make, it all happens for a specific reason. That he already know how you will react to a situation? That even though we have a choice in our decision, that he knew long before we did what our choice would be? 


I mean really think about that? It was him who gave his only son for us, and even after that he sends us down here only to make more mistakes and only to fail him more, to hurt him more, to be selfish. He gives so much for us, and he’s always giving us chance after chance, he knows us better than we know ourselves, and through him we can do anything. The closer we are to our father in heaven, the wiser we are, the better we are, the more Christ like we are, the more we make his many gracious sacrifices meaningful, well maybe meaningful is the wrong word, the more we give them reason, and good reason at that.