Waiting on the world to change

Some people may think I’m crazy for waiting, or for think that we’re going to get married one day. Sometimes I even think I’m crazy. But Heavenly Father has told us so many times that we are meant to be together. And every time I think about you and our future I feel the spirit so strongly it’s overwhelming, and it just reassures me even more that we’re going to be together forever


when I’m missing you and my mind starts to wonder.

Sometimes late at night, or not even late night, pretty much whenever I’m just sitting around, not really doing anything, any time that my mind can actually start to think on its own, without my control, whens its been a while since we last talked, when its been forever actually. and granted there are many reason for that, like he doesn’t have a phone, or face book, or my new address, he’s gone at his gold mine, all sorts of stuff… but still sometimes when i’m just laying here thinking about him, missing him, and wondering if hes even tried to get a hold of me, i start wondering, maybe if i had been Mormon my whole life, or maybe if i was more Mormon, if i was the perfect me that i could be, maybe then he’d try harder, maybe then he’d actually miss me, or call me, or anything. and i know that’s just the devil trying to get me, to doubt our love, and our power, because together we are so spiritually powerful and he wants to weaken that… i know that what I think isn’t true, but sometimes the temptations to think poorly on myself due the fact of missing him so much, is just unbearable to deny.